Linnaea Farm presents: The Ecological Market Garden

Posted by Sara Dent on January 08, 2014

WE LOVE Linnaea Farm! Check out their summer education offerings featuring Adam Schick, Liz Richardson, Brent Howieson, and Oliver Kellhammer

May 16-25 or June 6-15, 2014 

This spring at Linnaea Farm we will be offering two 10-day short programs to inoculate you with the ideas and techniques to get your garden growing.  Covering such topics as:  Sense of Place, phenology, planning & marketing, seed sowing and saving, record keeping, animal husbandry, compost & making the most of soil, pests & weeds, practical permaculture, year round cropping, and season extension.  The days will be filled with lectures and hands-on training in the field to reinforce and give context to the lessons.  Plus, take a day off or sign up for an elective (see choices below). You have the option of being housed in our spacious farmhouse overlooking Gunflint Lake and surrounded by the pristine wilderness of Cortes Island.  The 8-bedroom house offers private rooms with shared amenities, a well-equipped kitchen to prepare your meals and a library full of books on organic agriculture.  The time has never been more ripe to nourish a literacy that can help break the cycles of an unsustainable culture. The world is starved for people with the ability to enrich the planet while improving soil and the human ecology. You’ve dreamed of making a life and right livelihood growing food and raising livestock, but are unsure of how to take the next step.

Come get your hands dirty and learn to become a producer!


The Nourished Farmer with Kirsten Vidulich ~ beyond preserving to the introduction of tried and true techniques for gleaning the most nourishment and nutrition from your harvest and animal systems.  Including:  simple ferments, milk products, the raw egg, lardcore and bone broths

Herbal Wisdom with Tamara McPhail ~ common weeds grow along our paths ways, in our garden beds and up through the cracks in the sidewalk.  Get to know these amazing healers and learn to make a basic salve, tincture, decoction and other techniques for preserving herbs and using them in your daily lives.

For all the details, financial information, a sample outline or to apply for the course, visit or call (250) 935-6747


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