Webinar Series – Using Cash Flow Projections

Cash flow is one of the most important concepts to understand as a farmer, and also one of the most complicated! In this webinar, we’ll break down why it’s so important to have a solid grasp on our cash flow, and the steps to creating a comprehensive cash flow forecast.

For this session, we’ll again be joined again by Chris Bodnar.

Please watch the video below and register for the associated live Q&A on the BMN Overview lesson.



Here is the start-up costs and cash flow template template we use at Young Agrarians:
Template – Farm Start Up Costs & Cash Flow Projections

Here is the cash flow statement template that Chris uses in the webinar:
Template – Cash Flow Instructions (Centre for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems)

More cash flow templates can be found in the Resources section of last week’s webinar.

Enterprise Budgets
Website – Enterprise Budgets (KPU)
Website – Enterprise Budgets (BC Agriculture)
Website – Cost of Production Guides (Organic Council of Ontario)