Initial Self Assessment – 5 mins

We are the YA Apprenticeship Program staff team. We are delighted to get to know you and support you on this mentorship journey! Our role is to support you and your apprentice in this learning experience. From time to time, we will be checking in with you to see how things are going. We will organize some online meet ups and of course the amazing farm tours! But if anything comes up in between these times and you want to talk through something – we are here for you!!! Give us a text, call or email anytime.

Here’s a little more about us:

Alberta Coordinator: Marsha Shack
Hey everyone, I’m Marsha! I love planting edible trees and tending bees at my home in Yellowhead County, Alberta. I love potlucks, camping trips, live music, laughing with my niece and nephew or swaying in a hammock with a good book.  I’ve dabbled in regenerative farming over the years and currently tend a large vegetable plot for my family. I can’t wait to meet you.

Saskatchewan Coordinator & Program Administrator: Alieka Beckett
Hey folks, I am Alieka.  I love hobby vegetable and flower gardening, breath work, and being in the good company of trees.  The best part of working with YA is building community and creating opportunities for aspiring farmers.

Manitoba Coordinator: Jenn Sparling
Hi foks, I am Jenn! I live, work and learn in Winnipeg Manitoba, Treaty 1 Territory. I love teaching folks about plants, bike repair, and prairie ecology. On an ideal day you can find me out for a hike, at a concert, putzin’ around my veggie/flower garden, at a potluck, or working on a creative project with my friends. I have worked for non-profits and in public service for most of my life and have a background in horticulture, environmental science and prairie restoration/conservation. I can be reached at

Prairies Manager: Dana Penrice
Hello! I’m Dana Penrice. I farm near Shoal Lake, Manitoba with my partner and in-laws. I am interested in the intersection of farming, human learning and cultural development. I am an Accredited Professional with the Savory Institute and teach Holistic Management to farmers and ranchers and am an Associate with Human Venture Institute.