AUG 23, 2020: ROSE PRAIRIE, BC – Land Social at Whiskey Creek Ranch

Posted by Jolene Swain on August 12, 2020

land social at whiskey creek ranch

You’re invited to a socially-distanced Land Social at Whiskey Creek Ranch, a first generation, family-run farm in B.C’.s Peace region that is also home to Hip Peace Produce. If you’re curious about what land matching and sharing is all about, join us for the event.

We will tour the farm, enjoy local food prepared by Whiskey Creek Ranch, and dive into the steps to building a successful farm on leased land. We’ll learn about how the B.C. Land Matching Program can help you find the perfect piece of land for you to build your dream farm business – or the perfect farmer for your land. Your regional Land Matcher will share information and answer questions about land matching and how leasing land works. Both farmers seeking land and farmland holders thinking about leasing land are encouraged to attend – as well as anyone who loves food, farming, and getting out onto the land!

DATE: Sunday August 23, 2020 • 5:30-8pm

LOCATION: Blueberry and Doig River First Nations Territory. 8396 264 Rd, Rose Prairie, B.C. Where the pavement meets gravel, the ranch is on left hand side.

REGISTER: Due to COVID-19, we have limited spaces and require registration for our events so we can limit the number of attendees to allow for physical distancing. Please register here. 

SCHEDULE (times are approximate): 

5:30 Farm Tour
6:30 Introduction circle & B.C. Land Matching Program Overview
7:00 Food & Networking

BRING: Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on. A catered meal will be provided, but if you’d prefer you can bring your own meal instead. There will not be any wash stations for dishes available. Optional: face mask.


  • Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of illness, or have been in contact with any confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients. We welcome cancellations at any time (you can do so through eventbrite or by contacting
  • Please follow physical distancing guidelines and keep 6 feet apart from other people. No handshakes or hugs please!
  • Masks are not required, but bring one to wear if you’d like.
  • We will have a hand sanitizer station for your use throughout the event. Please refrain from touching tools, pets and livestock, and door handles etc. on the farm.
  • If provincial health guidelines for events change, we may cancel the event and you will be notified by email


  • This event is free and open to everyone! Children are welcome but please leave furry friends at home.
  • Please note that there are farm dogs (they are friendly), electric fences, bees, and livestock onsite.
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About The Host Farms

Michelle of Whiskey Creek Ranch is a founding member of NEAT’s Northern Co-hort. When Bess of Hip Peace Produce heard that Michelle was due in June 2020 with her 3rd child, and Bess was expecting construction in their rented fields in the valley with Ken and Arlene Boon, it was an obvious solution for them to work together and for Bess to plan and plant in Michelle’s one-acre fenced garden and adjacent regeneratively grazed pasture. 

About Whiskey Creek Ranch

We are a first generation, family-run farm, located in the beautiful Peace region of British Columbia. We work hard to connect you with locally raised and produced food that is good for you and good for the earth.

Our production process has been whittled to fit our land, its unique geography, and micro-climate, but stands squarely on the shoulders of well known giants such as Polyface Farms, Chef Dan Barber, Alan Savory, Wendell Barry, Steve Kenyon, Gabe Brown, and many more.

We believe in knowing personally where you’re food comes from – from the field to your fork – and in the full transparency and authenticity of this process. The final product is food that reflects the flavour of our landscapes and a local connection to where your food comes from.

About Hip Peace Produce

Hip Peace Produce sells locally and naturally grown fruits and vegetables at our farm stand as well as local markets. Growing Food, Building Community.
Our goal at Hip Peace Produce is to provide a wide and vibrant array of fruits and vegetables for sale to local communities through farm stand sales as well as local markets and co-operatives. Above and beyond the business of farming, we hope to teach about the possibilities of the Peace River Valley and it’s unique micro-climate and rich soil. We have chosen to grow on land planned to be flooded with the installation of the site C dam not because it may be our last chance, but because we hope to demonstrate the amazing wealth that must be maintained for generations to come.

A partnership of three like-minded friends and first-time business owners, Hip Peace Produce hopes to provide a welcoming and involved experience for all of our customers not just through farm stand and market sales, but also through educational tours, workshops, festivals, and other events.

At Hip Peace Produce we hope to remedy the lack of produce options available in this remote region by growing exciting varieties from Purple Haze carrots to Red Spear broccolini. While our farm is in its first year and relatively small, arrangements can be made to provide restaurant or bulk orders for certain items. Available product lists will be updated on this site daily and by following us you can find out what’s fresh and ready as well as recipes to use our produce in. Hip Peace Produce, growing healthy food and building stronger connections!

Whiskey Creek Ranch Facebook:

Hip Peace Produce Facebook:

Whiskey Creek Ranch Website:


Not able to join us for this event? Fear not! Here’s a quick look at the dates and places we’ll be visiting this season. 

August 22, Rolla
Land Link at Rolla Pub

August 30, Telkwa
Land Social at High Slope Acres


Through the B.C. Land Matching Program, Young Agrarians offers support to farmers looking for land for their farm business, and landholders looking for farmers to farm their land. We’ve made more than 81 matches on over 4,600 acres to date! The Central & Northern BC Land Matcher will be attending the event to answer any questions about accessing or offering land through this program. For those unable to join us, you can send a message to for more information.

The B.C. Land Matching Program is funded in Central and Northern B.C. by the Province of British Columbia, with support from the Real Estate Foundation of B.C. and Patagonia.