Posted by Moss Dance on January 10, 2018

Singing Bird Farm

Singing Bird Farm on Salt Spring Island is available for lease for 2018! The lease includes access to markets, CSA, & on-site housing at additional cost.


We are a small and diverse organic farm on Salt Spring Island, BC. We began developing Singing Bird Farm in the fall of 2012 and, since then, we have established a flourishing and profitable farm that provides food for about 35 CSA families, a well-established Tuesday Farmer’s Market booth with many loyal customers, contracts to provide certified organic produce to the local restaurant, grocery store, health food store, and several other smaller outlets. We also have a large flock of laying chickens and a small herd of dairy goats, which provide milk and cheese.

Due to changing circumstances in our lives, we have made the decision to sell our farm; however, we are committed to have the farm produce for the 2018 season. Our goal is to find a farming couple and/or several people (who ideally know and can work with each other) who want to grow food and/or plants for seed saving on our farm, starting February or March 2018 to the end of the growing season, which typically ends around the end of November.

For more info and photos of Singing Bird Farm: 

Singing Bird Farm


This is not an intern or woofing position — the successful candidates must be experienced growers who want to expand their abilities and learn to fully operate a farm and business. With the successful candidates, we will commit to a very workable farm lease. The farm lease for the season will be $3000.

In addition, we would like to partner up with the successful candidates with goat care and milking chores.

While our farm will remain for sale during the growing season, our agreement will hold until its end date – in other words, if the farm sells during this period, the new owners will be obligated to honour all farming agreements. In addition, if we find that this model works well for all parties, we are very willing to consider a long-term lease commitment.

Singing Bird Farm

For accommodation, we have a 420 square foot (plus a 220 square feet loft) cabin available for the season. The cabin is entirely self-sufficient and off the grid, run on solar energy and propane. It has a wood stove, a full kitchen, outdoor deck, an outdoor shower (with an on-demand water heater) and a composting toilet. The cabin is available for rent at $800/month. In addition, we have a tent trailer that may be used for additional accommodation if needed.


If you are interested in this farming opportunity, please send us a cover letter outlining your ideas and include a resume ASAP. For more details on the farm, please visit our website at or contact us directly at singingbirdfarm (at)*

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Thank you for your interest,

Leonie & Doug Muldoon

Singing Bird Farm

Salt Spring Island, BC