Land Sharing Opportunity at Crickhollow – Neustadt, Ontario

Posted by Michalina Hunter on August 20, 2020

This is an invitation for you to run your own market garden in the context of our larger farm at Crickhollow in Neustadt, Ontario!

We moved here in 2007 with our children who were eight and five at the time. When we arrive d the fields were ploughed as close to the property lines as possible filled with the conventional rotation of corn, grain and hay. We didn’t know any of our neighbours and had no farming experience.

During the last dozen years we have helped the hedgerows fill out, taken tons of farming courses, read tons of farming books, and we have tried many different farming ventures. The most rewarding has been our one acre market garden. We have also raised our children and participated in the blossoming of a remarkable community.

We have developed a rich spiritual life inspired by our deep connection to nature. Now that our children are grown it is time for a new direction. We are not entirely sure what that direction is but it includes this farm as healer. By releasing the market garden we are opening ourselves up to the new.

Right now we have 80 garden beds available for you to grow whatever you like. Each raised bed is standard market garden size – 100 feet long, 30 inches wide with 18 inch paths. The measurements are not exact but pretty close. Please see the garden map below.

The garden is yours to use in exchange for keeping it neat, tidy, weed free, and true to the garden design. This is no small task! Many of the beds have been let go and are full of weeds and weed seeds so it will take an experienced grower to get it under control. The pathways through the garden also need work. And as if this isn’t enough there is disease and pest pressure. This is not a project for the faint of heart!

The garden soil is rich Harriston Silt Loam. Some of the beds have perennial herbs, flowers, rhubarb, asparagus, and strawberries. You will be working in a garden that produces delicious and nutrient dense food. You will be working in a place where we have been digging love and energy into the soil, where magical things happen as part of daily life. You will become part of a powerful community of organic growers, healers and musicians.

We feel that with the regular use of the biodynamic preparations, timely hoeing, mulching, and having enough people to keep on top of the work, the problems that the garden is currently facing can be overcome. We would like you to join us this year to spend the fall and winter getting ready for a strong start in spring of 2021.

The agreement of use of the garden in exchange for keeping it neat and tidy runs until the end of 2022 at which time we will take a look at where we are and how we would like to move forward.

There is also more land and infrastructure available for you to use and we can work out together what a fair exchange for this is. We are a pick up location for Eat Local Grey Bruce and have a nice pick up area for a CSA. We have a simple wash station, a super nice huge walk in cooler, and some shed space that you can use for your own tools and office. The garden has a simple rain harvest irrigation system.

This opportunity is for someone with some start up capital. You are welcome to live on site in your own self sufficient off grid home that you provide. You are also welcome to space for your own greenhouse. You would also need to provide your own tools and you would benefit from having a BCS.

This opportunity is for someone who is community minded and who keeps their tools, workspace and living space clean and tidy. Strong organization skills and a love of spreadsheets goes a long way in successfully running a garden of this size.

Even though this is an independent project we will have weekly meetings to keep the farm as a whole running smoothly. We would like whoever runs the garden to be interested in the bigger vision. We welcome you to make this your home.

The orchard area is an ideal location for a tiny home / yurt / trailer as it is sheltered and close to the driveway. You are welcome to consider other sites on the farm.

Contact Rosemary to learn more!


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Garden Plan showing beds, paths, and dimensions.

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