LAND OPPORTUNITY: Winnipeg, MB – Looking to Share our 2 Acres

Posted by Dana Penrice on March 17, 2021

About the Opportunity

These land holders are passionate about supporting local, sustainable agriculture and excited by the farm to table movement. They are looking to connect with a motivated, self sufficient and responsible gardener or farmer who is interested in growing vegetables on their property in the South Wilkes area (near Ikea) in Winnipeg, MB.

They reside on the property, however, the specific garden area has not been landscaped or developed. They are in the process of building a small goat shed, storage unit and greenhouse which they anticipate to be ready around mid-April. If a good match is interested, they are open to discussing further infrastructure needs. It would be their preference to have one or two designated gardeners only. References are required.

Find more details about this opportunity on the UMAP:

Phone: 403-992-9471


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