FILLED – Land Opportunity: 2.5 acres for Market Garden, West Kelowna, B.C

Posted by Tessa Thompson on November 14, 2018

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The land is broken up into several fields. There is a non-irrigated sand ring….191’ x 70’…0.31 acre. The main grass field is 280’ x 326’…2 acres with 22 deciduous trees and two green gage plum trees. There is underground irrigation in this field and the smaller grass field. The smaller grass field is about 187’ x 282’ x 400’ triangle…0.86 acres. This has no trees. The 4 paddocks comprise a total of 0.9 acres and don’t have irrigation. They do have two open shed areas. This area and the sand ring could be supplied with above ground water with little work. There is no power to any of these areas. The property is next to Powers Creek on lower Shetler Drive, West Kelowna. It has a wood fence with no climb wire. The sand ring has to be fenced better on one side and wire added.

+ sheds


The vision for this property is some kind of market garden farming. The sand ring could be fully utilized with possible greenhouse construction. The main grass field could have a strip garden about 30’ x 280’. The small grass field could have an area of 70’ x 220’. The landowners would consider using the sand ring and one other area, but are not sure what could be done with the paddocks. For year round farming the water system would have to be different as the agricultural water is on from April to October.

Ideally prospective farmers would have a business plan and 2 or 3 years experience growing and selling their produce. Possible long term arrangement if the fit is right.


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