LAND OPPORTUNITY: 3/4 acre Farm Site Available, Vernon, B.C.

Posted by Tessa Thompson on June 06, 2019

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Okanagan College – Vernon Campus has created a two-acre Demonstration Garden that promotes sustainable practices in an effort to preserve, stimulate and promote agricultural and ecological ventures in the Okanagan Valley. The initiative has been focused on providing a space for education, learning, and community programming regarding local food and agriculture.

At this time, the site includes Patchworks Farms (a community garden/farm for vulnerable citizens), a demonstration xeriscape garden, an Indigenous garden and a food forest. These activities use approximately 1.25 acres leaving .75 acre for new sustainable farming activities.

The College is interested in licensing the balance of the land to a new agrarian(s) or young farmer who is seeking land on which to practice sustainable agriculture. This initiative provides the opportunity for emerging farmers to explore and test the viability of small-scale agriculture produce farming. This initiative is not intended for the raising of farm animals.

Possible Leased Area is marked in black. (Please disregard labels in the legend)
Possible Leased Area is marked in black. (Please disregard labels in the legend)


  • The site area has been farmed for the past six years by young farmers, most recently by Okanagan Land Matcher Tessa Wetherill and partner Joel Hayhoe for cut flower production!
  • The site area is approximately .75 of an acre on the land just below the parking lot overlooking Kalamalka Lake.
  • Use of the site will be for a small agricultural/farming venture
  • The site has irrigation infrastructure that will be available to the licensee.
  • The license will be for the growing season (March – October) for one year with an option for renewal.
  • The licensee would be required to pay for water used (it will be metered) on the specific area.
  • The licensee must provide his/her own tools and supplies.
  • The licensee must use sustainable farming methodologies including organic methods and good land and water stewardship practices.
  • The licensee must collaborate with the College Patchwork Farms and Indigenous Garden partners to mutual benefit and understand that the balance of the property is being used for community programming and educational opportunities.
  • The license rate will be $10/growing season.


Interested persons should have some farming education/experience and be dedicated to sustainable practices. Please submit a Letter of Intent outlining your background, your interest, the agricultural initiatives you would envision for the site, and details on how you plan to maintain the area.

Tess and Flower Harvest


This land opportunity is participating in the BC Land Matching Program. Get in touch with the Okanagan Land Matcher, Tessa, at for more information.

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The B.C. Land Matching Program is funded in the Okanagan by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture.