LAND OPPORTUNITY: Up To Eight Acres for Crop Production! – Richmond, BC

Posted by Ashlee Brillert on June 12, 2020 3 Comments

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This gorgeous Richmond property features eight acres of cleared flat farmland. This land has been in production for many years, and the rest of the acreage is currently being farmed in vegetable production. Mostly brassicas are currently being grown on the rest of the land, following conventional farming methods.

The landowners live on site, and the land is located within a nice residential neighbourhood. There are shops and housing within metres of the field, providing many potential customers without ever having to leave the neighbourhood. The landowners are also interested in having a future farm stand on the property, and have a current job posting for a Farm Manager, so other farmers will be present on site.

In the winter months, the fields do flood as is typical in Richmond. However, the current farmers have had good success with season extension by mounding their rows significantly to allow for the water to pool in the pathways between rows.


The landowners want to see the land utilized in a mixed market garden style, and are open to leasing to two separate farm businesses looking to share the eight acres. They are open to produce and flower production, bees, and a five year lease at this time with possible option to extend. This property is not suitable for livestock.

The property currently has a farmer growing on the other 20+ acres, who has renewed their lease term for the 2020 season. The farm is currently farmed conventionally in a mono-crop style, the landowners have decided they’re looking to switch to more holistic practices on their land, and to see some crop diversity and soil amendment.


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