LAND OPPORTUNITY: Raven’s View Farm, Peachland, BC

Posted by Tessa Wetherill on December 16, 2019

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Ravens View Farm from Jim Ohm on Vimeo.


Ravens View Farm is the manifestation of a lifelong dream I held since I was 17 and worked as an “au pair” on a small family farm for a veterinarian and his young family. I loved milking the jersey and churning her cream into butter, herding the sheep and lambs, helping the young children feed the small flock of Banty hens and collect eggs. It was an amazing experience gifting me with lasting memories. From then on, my goal was to live in a rural location on a small farm. It took a long time and the decision to make a major life change and move to Canada, to realize my dream.

In planning for the farm I researched rare Heritage Breeds of poultry and decided upon the buff coloured Canadian Chanticleer because, after all, I was moving to Canada. Then came the beehives, two then three then four until I learned the reason orchardists don’t have their own hives is that the fruit harvest is also the honey harvest and there is not enough time in the day.

I researched dairy cows and learned that miniature jerseys were being bred in several farms in the lower 49. As for sheep, Jacobs were the rare heritage breed providing brown and white wool that might be of interest to spinners and weavers. Then my husband said please don’t get any livestock until we are sure we can manage our full time job and the care of 6 acres. The Community Shares Agricultural Farm program I belonged to in Boulder Colorado admonished that whatever I do “Start Small!”  So I took their advice and heeded my husbands wish.

As soon as possible Ravens View Farm became a member of the Living Earth Organic Growers Association certified by COABC. The farmers in the group became my mentors along with the certifying agent who gave a new farmer who had never lived on a farm.  It was a steep enjoyable and at time exhausting climb but so wonderful. As lifelong beekeeper shared after he reviewed his lifetime experience, I have determined that only after seven lifetimes will I truly be a master beekeeper. I feel the same way about all aspects of farming. There is always a new “aha” about a problem or a way of doing something. It makes life and farming continually intriguing.

Willing Workers (WWOOF0 have been a delight and I have learned so much from partnering with them on various projects. They have also provided a great measuring stick on the growth of my own knowledge and experience as a farmer.  I am looking forward to taking more of step back and finding the right person to take Ravens View Farm to the next incarnation.

We believe that this farm is sacred in a way and the sprawling old plum trees in the orchard are special. We are choosing to renovate them instead of cutting them down and putting in a newer more popular variety or planting in a more intensive way. A Lavender Labyrinth in the shape of a seven-pointed star has been planted with Quaking Columnar Aspen defining the entrance to the spiral. Ceremonies are performed here to mark the changing of the seasons on the Equinoxes and Solstices. Ideally Ravens View Farm will attract the farmer(s) who see the potential of creating a more bio diverse farm that raises fruit and vegetables and other farm related products to support the community and invite them to support your work while respecting the land. We look forward to dialoguing with farmers to learn their ideas and help them to make their dream a reality at Ravens View Farm.


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