LAND OPPORTUNITY: 20 acres of fenced pasture near McBride, BC

Posted by Jolene Swain on October 05, 2020

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Just 3km from the town of McBride, this 20 acre pasture is well suited to small scale livestock production. The 20 acres is divided into two sections with sheep fencing around the perimeter including a strand of electric wire. Fences were installed in 2015 and are fully functional around the perimeter with a bit of maintenance needed on the cross fence. There is a shelter in one half of the pasture and year-round gravity feed water comes out to a trough in each half. The pasture has been used for grazing horses, cows and sheep for as far back as the current owners can remember.


This would be a great piece for someone who doesn’t have any of their own farmland but would like to try a herd of sheep or a few cows. The owners would like to keep the pastures in good grazing condition, and are open to having structures built on the land to support livestock (hayshed, shelter). At only 3 km from McBride, this could be a great opportunity for summer grazing, or year round livestock production.


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