LAND OPPORTUNITY: Market Garden, Orchard, Vineyard – Penticton, B.C.

Posted by Tessa Thompson on April 21, 2023

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Market garden, vineyard, orchard – oh my! The possibilities are nearly endless on these 3+ acres of ALR land, available for a long term lease. This land was historically a pear orchard, but has been used for sheep, cattle, horses and a market garden in the last 35 years.

There is a deer fenced market garden about 0.25 of an acre in size, with a possibility to expand. The market garden area has been developed with inline drop irrigation, permanent beds, landscape fabric in paths for weed suppression. The has been very well managed and the soil amended over the years to create a rich, fertile, productive space. San Marzano tomatoes abound!

The rest of the land is fenced, irrigated pasture. The land is sloped and faces southwest.  There are different sites and soils available depending upon desired crops. There is so much opportunity on this one property.


The current owners have been on the land and have continuously farmed it since 1985, using organic practices (not certified). They will continue living on the property and renting out a small vacation home, but would like to see a young farmer productively using the land – there is so much possibility!

They have had great success running a small farm stand from the property, and they know the rewards can be even higher for someone with the time to dedicate to a proper farm business. Ultimately, the owners are hoping to find the right long-term fit, to create a lasting land sharing agreement.


This is a land lease only with no opportunity for residing on the land, except for small overnight stays during busy periods such as planting or harvesting (there is a spot for occasional RV parking).

There are storage buildings available and most of the tools needed for market gardening, including drip irrigation supplies. The land is located off of a main road with paved driveway access, and is suitable for a farm stand.

Expansion of the market garden is a possibility along with orchard production, but the owners are most keen to keep the farming method ‘as organic as possible.’

Small amounts of livestock would be acceptable, but fence repairs and infrastructure amendments would need to be made. Sheep are not possible due to the local Bighorn population.


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