LAND OPPORTUNITY: Land and Accommodation, Beaverlodge, Alberta

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About 20 km from Beaverlodge, David Lukac and his family are living on their off-grid farm. Their land consists of pasture and about 300 acres are currently cultivated. David and his family are raising chickens, cows, and pigs. They are also growing their own vegetables in their farm garden.



David is looking for people with a passion for growing their own food, and living a more resilient, sustainable lifestyle. He is interested in permaculture and biodynamic principles.

He is offering his cottage-style renovated log barn for rent. The facilities include a three bedroom home that and one restored log barnbarn for residence in a shared yard area, which would also include shared garden space.

The residence for rent is a beautifully renovated log barn, featuring original 1930s-40s architecture and gambrel roof, upgraded to provide a modern studio living environment with an open-concept, spacious interior. It contains a full kitchen and bathroom under the roof, a cozy ground-level “basement” with a wood stove, upper and lower patio spaces, plus a small loft ideal for sleeping, storage, or use as a child’s play area. There is a total of 1200 sq. ft. over 2 floors.

The farm homes are heated only with wood heat as they are off grid. Solar panels provide the electrical power and the generators are only used as required. The water system and some lights are run by a 12 volt power system.

There is plenty of shared yard space for gardening or the possibility of keeping animals.



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  1. Hello, this looks like paradise to us! What are you asking for the rent..?
    🙂 thanks!

    Jessie V

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