LAND OPPORTUNITY: Lake Country, BC, .6 acres Ready to Plant!

Posted by Tessa Thompson on September 25, 2019

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Approximately .6 acres of land in Lake Country is ready to plant. The soil has been ploughed, tilled and sown with a buckwheat cover crop. The land is ready to use for the immediately. The land is in the ALR and prime for a market garden enthusiast. The land has irrigation directly to the prepped field area and separate road access via Carr’s Landing Rd. IMG_3107


The owners are open to any kind of farm production, but require that the leasing farmer meet the minimum income threshold for farm tax classification, which is $10,000.  It would be a great fit for a field of garlic and could be planted this fall.

The land owner would prefer a long-term agreement and is willing to offer the land lease for free, as long as the leasing farmer pays their own water bill.


This land opportunity is participating in the BC Land Matching Program. Get in touch with the Okanagan Land Matcher, Tessa, at for more information.

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