LAND OPPORTUNITY: Space for farming families to pursue crop and livestock production, Kakwa Ecovillage, Dome Creek BC

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The property is located on over 1 mile of the mighty Fraser River.  The balance of the 540 acre site varies between meadows, forests and riparian areas with a number of high benches and hills, with around 300 acres of Pasture on the river. There are a number of springs on the property and a large hay barn. Work continues to expand fencing to create additional pasture for future and existing livestock.

The scenery is spectacular and breathtaking within the Rocky Mountain Trench that extends for 1000 miles. Passenger train service will stop on the property to pick up passengers and we’re less than 2 hours from a major regional airport. The nearby market city of Prince George with it’s growing university population and influence opens up many possibilities for a wide variety of alternative educational programs and workshops.


There are endless possibilities for organic agriculture and livestock production. The community would love to see a farm family with an interest in livestock, such as cattle, and food production local food security. The community is founded on the principles of harmony with Nature; where work is meditation in action. Organic agriculture is used to transform the fields to feed and support the community.

As a cooperative, Kakwa ecovillage is a good opportunity for those looking to find community with a willingness to contribute to its foundation. The design is that all the land will be held in common, through a cooperative. In turn individuals would own their housing through a housing cooperative, even though it might be a single family residence. Buildings include a 4 bedroom Common House, 2 river cabins and a log hay barn. See the website ( for more information on the ecovillage and cooperative model to see if it might be a good fit for you!


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