LAND OPPORTUNITY: Horse Lake Community Farm Coop – 100 Mile House, BC

Posted by Darcy Smith on September 16, 2022

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The Horse Lake Community Farm Co-operative was formed in 2006 after the original farming family intended to sell but wanted the property to be kept as agricultural land. The 130-acre property is located on Horse Lake about a 1/2 hr. drive from 100 Mile House. The farm is owned by shareholders and run by a board of directors who leases the land to 3 different farmers and their farm businesses.

The property consists of forested areas, pastures, hay fields, a campsite on the lakeshore and a one-acre market garden. There is also a creek running through the property.

There are three farmers leasing land at the co-op currently. One farming couple is raising sheep and chickens, and farms in the market garden. Another ranching couple lives off the property and runs their cattle on the pastures, working on the fencing and putting up hay. The third farmer, who we are looking for, is responsible for farming a portion of the market garden.

There is a wealth of knowledge and support from current leasing farmers  and board members – you will not be undergoing your market garden farm business alone!


Looking for interested energetic and experienced person(s) who would be interested to take over 0.5 acre of the market garden. The lessee would also live in the 3 bedroom farmhouse. The farmhouse requires upkeep with small repairs and maintenance. This is a rural setting and a vehicle is necessary. Having tools or small equipment would be an asset.

The Co-op is looking to have the whole property maintained and improved in small steps over time so there is room for input in all areas of the property. The garden has been farmed according to Organic standards and a new gardener would be expected to follow that standard. The garden needs to be productive, weed controlled, and a source of healthy, sustainable food. This can provide the gardener income by selling produce at the local farmers’ markets and surrounding area. The person/persons would need to work collaboratively with other people using the garden. If the garden does not provide sufficient income for the year, the lessee would need to find other income sources in the off season.


This land opportunity is available through the B.C. Land Matching Program. If you are interested in this land opportunity or looking for support developing a lease agreement, please contact Please reach out to Morgan, the Central North Land Matcher, sharing your experience while including your resume and business plan/proposal.

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