LAND OPPORTUNITY: Land and homesteading in Johnsons Landing

Posted by Hailey Troock on July 28, 2021

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This land opportunity is located on a 16 acre property in the community of Johnson’s Landing, nestled in the west-facing mountain side at the northern end of Kootenay Lake, one hour from Kaslo or two hours from Nelson, on the East side. The Purcell Wilderness Conservancy backs the property and the Fry Creek Trail is near.

The land can support mixed production, including vegetable, poultry and permaculture practices. The current Tenant, who is available to mentor the land seeking farmer, keeps dual-purpose heritage breed chickens;  including Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Australorp, Wyandotte, Ameracauna, Light Sussex, Polish, and Chantecler (the only Canadian chicken breed), as well as 3 bantam breeds: Silkies, Cochins and Sebrights.

There is a yurt and travel trailer available for the land seeker, as well as outdoor solar shower. There is electricity at the barn, not the yurt, currently but it would be possible to run it down.


This opportunity is ideal for someone with energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, which are more important than formal education in this offering. There is a work exchange component required in exchange for rent.

This homesteading opportunity is open to someone who is interested in a more long-term land sharing scenario and has supplementary income, savings or online work to support themselves while living there.

Interested farmers can venture into vegetable production and other small livestock, though perimeter fencing exists around most of the cultivable area, the land seeker may need to complete it for their specific purposes. The population of the surrounding area is very small so there is a limited market for commercial production. The closest markets for sale are located in Meadow Creek and Kaslo.

Another farmer resides on the property in the main residence so experience living with others on a shared property is an asset and clear and respectful communication is essential.


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