LAND OPPORTUNITY: Fenced & Cross-Fenced 5+ acre Property, Langley BC

Posted by Ashlee Brillert on June 12, 2020 2 Comments

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This stunning Langley property is available for a free lease for a farmer who shares the same values for the land. The landowners are primarily looking to regain farm classification, and help out a new or young farmer to access land.

The landowners live on site, and are open to occasionally assisting with simple quick tasks, so the farmer is able to take a day off here and there. There is a dog on site, who is very vocal whenever any potential predators enter the property. The landowners have grazed livestock on their pastures before with good success. The land is quite sloped / hilly so it is most appropriate for livestock or bees, and has the potential for a small greenhouse or market garden in the flatter pasture (approx 1/4 acre).

In the winter months, the fields get quite saturated, but does not often flood. There are also multiple lean-to sheds that are in good condition, as well as a nice sized chicken coop. Further details on all buildings and pasture sizes are available upon request.


The landowners want to see the land utilized to its full potential. They are open to hearing ideas, and would even consider having multiple farmers on site. They are potentially open to a long-term lease for the right fit. They also have some working knowledge of livestock and bees to share if it’s useful.

The property is available immediately, and the landowners would like to see someone who is ready to begin working on the land as soon as possible.


If interested, or would like more details on this opportunity please contact Ashlee Brillert, the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley Land Matcher, at

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