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Long Now Farm is a small 3.4 acre farm in Saanich near Elk Lake, 45 minutes by bike from Victoria on the Lochside Trail.

The soil is sandy loam and the garden areas have had horse manure, compost and leaf mulch added every year since the garden was established in 2012. All of the garden areas are irrigated with overhead sprinklers, and the exterior fencing of the property is deer proofed. There is also a small building with lots of light for starting and potting which will be available for shared use.

The main growing area is 50 X 170 feet and there is an additional smaller area that is 30 X 40 feet. The larger area has a 30 X 50 area already planted in garlic, but after harvest the space would be yours. The gardens get full sun in the summer.

The owners maintain growing space of their own on the beautiful, diversified little farm, and would appreciate a spirit of sharing some of what is produced on the land, especially if what you grow is different from what they produce.



The owners have been the caretakers of this unceded W’Sanec land since 2012 and while they are not certified organic, they grow without pesticides want the land to continue to be managed organically. They would like to take a step back from running the farm and want to give some young farmers space and an opportunity to try market gardening!

The two-bedroom, garden level suite in the house is a perfect living opportunity for a young farmer to live where they grow. The space is available for rent for $1000 a month, plus 20% of hydro and 40% of the water bills (which also includes your water consumption for irrigation). Sorry, but no pets. The washer and dryer are shared by the house.

The owners hope you enjoy living a light carbon footprint lifestyle as they do, and would like to find a farmer who is conscious of their energy consumption. Using the clothesline when possible, turning out lights when not in use and putting on a sweater instead of turning up the heat are all ideal common interests!

There is also a 5th wheel trailer on the property, which is available for a live/work exchange agreement. The owners are hoping to find someone who is looking for a cozy home in exchange for 10 hours of work per week on the property.



The owners are looking for people who want to nourish the soil, and try out market gardening in a well-maintained, established garden. This opportunity is best for someone who has some farming skills and knowledge already (planting rotations, weed suppression, harvesting and marketing) and is ready to work independently. 

For more information about this opportunity contact the Vancouver Island Land Matcher, Azja, at or 250-413-7560.

To learn more about the BC Land Matching Program and to find other land opportunities visit


The B.C. Land Matching Program is funded on Vancouver Island by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Cowichan Valley Regional District. Thank you to Cowichan Green Community for providing in-kind program support.

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