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Bella Vista Ranch

Lease Farming Opportunity



Bella Vista Ranch is 44 acres of historical farmland centrally located along Highway 20 between the communities of Bella Coola and Hagensborg on the Central Coast. Bella Coola is located 500 kilometres from Williams Lake and has all the amenities (schools, hospital, etc.) It is an isolated community of about 1800 people and the traditional territory of the Nuxalk Nation.

Bella Vista TWO


We are looking for experienced farmers who would like to lease a section of the property to cultivate a suitable crop(s) that could be sold locally or exported from the Valley.

The land is currently hayed for our horses (we have 6). We are open to ideas based on suitability of land. We do not want to use pesticides or chemicals but are not attached to being “certified organic.”

We need someone experienced who is interested in a unique opportunity. They need to be self-sufficient and understand the opportunity thoroughly. This is not a project for beginners. We are not experienced farmers and have little knowledge beyond our personal gardens and haying. We have horses for pleasure but no other livestock.

Bella Vista FOUR

This is an undeveloped parcel of land that has not been farmed in decades but was historically used for haying and livestock production. It is one of the oldest properties in the Valley at over 100 years old. We are wanting to learn as much as we can from the most suitable person so that one day we are able to farm it independently.

Acres available: Between 5 and 10 acres with the possibility for expansion.
Farm buildings: There are several older barns on the premises. No greenhouses.
Road access: Located on a main highway.
Fencing: Entire property is fenced but large sections do need some re-fencing.
Irrigation/water supply: There is a large pond and a stream located nearby for irrigation.
Soil type: Varies – some areas are wet and marshy, some are clay-ish. Water table is high in some places. There is one section of a large field that was soil-tested and came back as excellent.
Housing: No – but we would be open to temporary housing on the property (camper/yurt).


Please email us at or call 250 799 0019. We will ask that you provide references.

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