LAND OPPORTUNITY: Active Pastures Farm, Mayne Island

Posted by Darcy Smith on March 07, 2017

Active Pastures greenhouse

About Active Pastures Farm

Active Pastures is a six acre farm on beautiful Mayne Island (located between Vancouver on the mainland and Victoria on Vancouver Island). The farm was established over 100 years ago and has been part of the Mayne Island agriculture story ever since.

Originally started by the early explorers heading for the gold fields in the interior, it has seen the glory days of the Japanese Tomato Farms and numerous farming operations since. The fields have been fallow producing hay for the past decade before being actively farmed this past year producing an abundant Market Garden for the local community.

Active Pastures Mayne Island

About This Opportunity

The property is completely fenced and boasts a new green house, a new irrigation system, a cultivated market garden, 2 acres of pasture ready for cultivation, another 2 acres that are currently grazing horses, a composting facility producing soil amendment, a fully equipped workshop, a barn, covered work area, produce preparation area and a serviced pad to house a mobile trailer if required.

George and Marilyn Folz are looking to expand the farm operation that was started in 2016 to realize the full potential of the land. Working with a farming couple or other team arrangement the owners are interested in resourcing the right people who are passionate about growing food and seeing the local farming community expand while enjoying an amazing Island lifestyle.

Sunset off Mayne Island

The shape of the opportunity would be defined through a memorandum of understanding with the right people. If you are passionate about farming, looking for an unspoiled piece of land and the opportunity to develop both the land and your lifestyle, then we need to talk.

Get in Touch

You can reach George and Marilyn at or by phone at 604-789-0555.