LAND OPPORTUNITY: Acreage for Lease, South Surrey BC

Posted by Darcy Smith on October 18, 2017 2 Comments


About the Land

A beautiful, private 20 acre property in South Surrey. About 8 acres are currently in hay. There is a small heritage orchard on the land that is tended by community members, as well as several bee hives. The house is currently rented. There is a large heritage barn with horse stalls and a hay loft in excellent condition.


About the Opportunity

The landowners would like to see the land used to produce food, and would like someone who shares their goal of improving the land. They are open to a number of possibilities on the land – come with your ideas to lease a portion or the whole property.

This opportunity would be best suited for an operation that will respect the land owner’s privacy and keep traffic to the land minimal. There is potential to establish raised veggie beds in a fenced tennis court or in another area, though fencing would be required as this is a deer corridor. The land that is currently hayed is on a partial slope. The beautiful heritage barn could be available to the right person. There is currently no housing available on the land.


Get in Touch

Please reach out to Darcy Smith, Young Agrarians Lower Mainland Land Matcher at if you are interested in this land opportunity. Please include the title of this post in your email, and describe your experience in agriculture and your vision for the land.


2 thoughts on “LAND OPPORTUNITY: Acreage for Lease, South Surrey BC

    1. Hi Luci,

      Yes the land is not available anymore, but I will put you in touch with our regional land matcher, Ashlee, via email to discuss another opportunity.


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