Posted by Azja Jones Martin on November 20, 2019

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Clownswood Farm is about 7 acres of mowed pastureland containing water retention ponds and ringed by second growth trees. The land slopes down and north from East Sooke Road to the water of Sooke Basin. Sheep were pastured here starting about 1990 and ending by 2010. The home orchard includes old fruit trees which produce an unreliable but tasty crop.

The pasture and one-bedroom cottage are accessed by a good gravel driveway. There is a single carport which could be temporarily enclosed, and an enclosed storage shed. Temporary structures deemed necessary for farm are possible, subject to appropriate approval.

There is no viable fencing on the property. The owners have tractors and implements that they can use to help with fencing efforts and other occasional tasks; the manpower will all be supplied by the farmer.

Parts of the pasture are very wet in winter; the property can be dry in summer. The water retention ponds need to be reconditioned; this is a task the owner could sponsor with some labour from the farmer. We hope this would provide enough water for the farm. CRD municipal water is also available if required.

The 620 square foot cottage is quaint and basic, an updated century old structure. Heat is electric radiators or wood stove. (The cottage would be let in a separate rental/lease agreement.)



The owners want to see the land farmed again. Activities which have beneficial, or at least low negative, effect on the land are preferred, whether crops or livestock. A more than reasonable expectation of regaining farm status is also desired.

The ideal farmer(s) would be eager, capable, dedicated, respectful and easy to work with. The owners are easy to work with, but particular about some things. We want someone with whom we can be happy to share our land, our equipment resources and, for a time, our lives as good neighbours. We are open to a one-year trial period, leading to a further 2 -5 year lease. We are flexible, knowing that investments by a farmer in the property will require a level of certainty.



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