LAND OPPORTUNITY: Up to 6 Acres plus Housing! – Yarrow, BC

Posted by Ashlee Brillert on March 12, 2020

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This stunning Yarrow property features a brand new 2.5 bedroom mobile home, greenhouse, a large barn with walk in coolers and plenty of storage space, a small orchard with pears, apples, quince, and figs (with peaches inside the greenhouse), a prepped and cleared 1.5 acre field with room to expand in 2021 on an additional 5 acres, and opportunities for farm gate sales.

The fields are in good condition, and have had little to no flooding or puddling over the winter months. The land is mostly flat, with a very slight slope. Over the past few of seasons, the fields have been utilized to grow corn for livestock feed using conventional methods, peas, and cabbage and cauliflower. There is access to water on the property; however because it is municipal water, it will be at an additional cost to the farmers. The current farmers rely solely on rain water, and find the corn still does well without irrigation. The fruit and nut trees are quite productive despite needing a little love.



For the right fit, the landowners are willing to negotiate a sliding scale, long term lease. The landowners are looking for quiet, responsible and respectful tenants, who have experience running their own farm business and are interested in a long-term agreement.

The property currently has a farmer growing on the other 5 acres, who has renewed their lease term for the 2020 season. The landowners are open to potentially leasing the entire acreage to one farmer beginning in the 2021 season. As the farm is currently farmed conventionally in a mono-crop style, the landowners have decided they’re looking to switch to more holistic practices on their land, and to see some crop diversity.

This opportunity is ideal for an established farmer who will be looking to expand their business and growing space in the coming years. The landowners are keen to see someone manage the property as a whole (rather than simply taking a crop off the main field), and especially maintain and use the existing fruit and nut trees and other food assets on the land.



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