LAND OPPORTUNITY: 5 acres of vineyard – SE Kelowna, BC

Posted by Pascale Schittecatte on July 14, 2023

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This five acre vineyard is available for lease in the heart of the southeast Kelowna wine district. The available land has a sunny, south-facing slope and sandy terrain, and is currently planted to Gewürztraminer. The entire property is 15.95 acres in size, of which 5.16 acres are already leased to other operations (including a nursery). Additional land could be available for future leasing with the right candidate.

The vineyard comes with infrastructure including posts, wires, and drip irrigation. The incoming farmer would also have access to farm equipment (e.g. tractor) and the large workshop (with power) where the equipment is housed.


The landholders are motivated to ensure the property retains farm status. They want the lease to be low-risk for the right person. They understand the challenges of farming and are willing to fund costs for the vineyard in exchange for expertise and commitment to returning it to optimal productivity.

This five acre vineyard contains vines of differing ages; most are Gewürztraminer but some are Riesling. Unfortunately, the vineyard had a challenging two winters in a row, and replanting is needed. Replanting costs would be funded by the landholders provided the varietals chosen align with the Ministry of Agriculture recommendations for the southeast Kelowna climate region.

In addition to the five acre vineyard, a short term (four years with perpetual renewal) lease/license is possible for bees or other crops, depending on the business plan. Ideally such a proposal would include managing the vineyard, but the landholders are open to discussion. The landholders live on the property. The water allotment is shared among all the fields, and water costs would be paid for by the landholders until the allotment is exceeded (which has not happened to date).


The ideal candidate would be an experienced vineyard manager, who is capable of managing a replanting programme and employing regenerative practices to restore the vineyard’s vitality. Ideally, this candidate would also have some of their own additional equipment, such as a sprayer.


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