LAND OPPORTUNITY: Multiple 2-Acre Parcels Ready For Planting – Leduc County, Alberta

Posted by Melisa Zapisocky on January 07, 2022


There are four 2-acre parcels of land ready to be planted in the spring of 2022 that include north, south and east facing fields. Each parcel of land is surrounded by trees and water is drawn from a dugout. Crop rotations, cover crops and green manures have been used throughout production to build soil health and minimize disease and weeds and the land is free of contaminants (and will stay that way). 

Since purchasing the property in 1983, this land has been cared for and used to grow vegetables, berries and flowers that have supplied produce to Farmers Markets within a radius of 100 miles (1 hour from farm), Farm Gate sales and U-pick. The landholder would like to see the practice of providing local food to the community continued with the new farmers. 

The farm is conveniently located one mile from the City of Leduc, and 30 minutes to Edmonton’s south side. 

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The landholder is looking for motivated and hard-working farmer(s) with horticulture experience, who are eager and ready to invest their time, talent and energy to do their part to make possible a local sustainable food supply. 

The landholder, an experienced market gardener lives on site, and although it is not her intent to supervise or teach, she says her knowledge and experience will be freely given if it would be useful. She continues to manage a small market garden on the property for her local customers.

As the farm has been a market garden and u-pick for several decades, equipment, buildings, and other amenities that support this type of business are on site and may be considered for use, through a formal arrangement. These amenities include:

  • Greenhouse
  • Perennial plants (berries and shrubs)
  • Storage sheds
  • Tractors and harvest equipment
  • Cold room

There will be other considerations regarding facilities, labour, sales, accommodation, business plan, equipment, remuneration and more, that will be discussed with interested farmers. Health and safety above all is most important.


Please submit inquiries through the property’s UMAP listing. Please include a brief description about yourself, your farming experience, your farm business idea, and how to get in touch with you. 

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