LAND OPPORTUNITY: 2.5 Acres for Market Gardening and 10 Acres for Livestock – Central Saanich, BC

Posted by Azja Jones Martin on August 19, 2021

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2-3 acres of beautiful farmland for market gardening as well as 10 acres for livestock are available for long-term lease in Central Saanich. The available land is on a 20 acre centrally located property with easy access within the ALR. 

The available market garden space is three side-by-side fields at the front of the property, and 10 acres for livestock are available at the back. The property was a successful tree farm for many decades, and has now been mostly cleared. The land is within the Central Saanich golden nematode quarantine zone, meaning no tomatoes, potatoes or eggplant can be grown for sale on the property.

The three fields that make up the market garden space were cultivated in 2021. Two of the fields are on flat land (about 0.66 acres each). The third field is on a west-facing slope and was farmed in 2021 by certified organic growers. The deer fenced and cultivated area is currently about 2/3 of an acre, and can be expanded to 0.9 acres.  All three fields have excellent water (municipal) as well as power available at each field. The land is an ideal silt loam, with excellent water and nutrient holding capacity. The field currently under organic production was easily tilled and has been amended with organic fertilizers and lime.

The 10 acres for livestock is relatively flat and currently partly treed with some old inventory from the tree nursery, and water and power can be made available to that area as well. There is a shed that could possibly be used for livestock.


This opportunity would best suit established farmers looking to move or expand their existing farming operation, or someone with at least a few years of farming experience and looking to start their own operation. The landholders would like the land to be farmed using certified organic or sustainable land management practices.

The land is within the main farming region of the Saanich Peninsula, with close access to marketing opportunities. There is an opportunity to develop infrastructure, such as storage sheds and a walk-in cooler, in collaboration with the land owners.  Incorporation of farm animals in the market garden area or other types of production can be discussed. The landholders want to prioritize a long term lease (following a one year trial period) to career farmers, and would like to see the land farmed to its full potential. Housing for the right person could possibly be available, to be discussed.

The landholders and their three children also live on the land, so openness to engaging with kids from time to time is appreciated! Their vision for the land is to create a space that gives back to the community, and will likely host events such as weddings and school groups on the land in the years to come, as well as a on-farm market or farm stand. It is important that the leasing farmer share a community sprit and ideally also an interest in teaching, education, or hosting on-farm events. Though these activities can take place separately from the farming operation, the farmer’s support of groups coming to and using the land (outside of the farmed areas) is needed, and collaboration in these types of activities would be a bonus.


This land opportunity is available through the B.C. Land Matching Program. Reach out to the Vancouver Island Land Matcher at to start a conversation and learn about next steps.

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The B.C. Land Matching Program is funded on Vancouver Island by the Province of British Columbia, with support from Cowichan Valley Regional District and Patagonia.

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