LAND OPPORTUNITY: 160 acres cleared land south of Prince George

Posted by Jolene Swain on October 07, 2020 2 Comments

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Remote yet accessible to the airport and nearby amenities, this 160 acre parcel was cleared in the past couple years and features wild hay, grasses, and a good mix of shrubs for browsing. Surrounded by hills and mountains, the land also features a rivers, streams and the western border is a small lake and wetland. To the east is the larger Red Rock Lake.

Accessible by a well maintained gravel road, access around the parcel is possible by an array of roads that circumnavigate the lands.


This opportunity would be well suited to someone equipped for off-grid living, interested in bringing a tiny home, trailer, or small cabin onto the lands, and growing their herd. The land would be suited to livestock that graze and browse, maybe goats or belted galloway cattle. There is currently no fencing, but the owner is open to discussing establishing some fields, or an exchange that may involve establishing fencing in exchange for utilizing the lands.


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