LAND OPPORTUNITY: 151 acres in Lumby, BC

Posted by Tessa Wetherill on November 25, 2019

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Doug and Donna purchased this farm, located just outside Lumby, 3 years ago.  They have discovered they have more farm than they are able to look after alone! They have spent the past 3 years picking roots and rocks on 55 acres that where logged before we bought the farm. This job is almost complete and they plan to seed it to hay in the spring, which will give them 110 acres of quality hay land. The land is currently dry farmed but they are working at getting an irrigation license. There are many natural springs on the land and extensive trenching work has resulted in more quality land able to be farmed. At this time they are selling premium horse hay to pay the bills but would like to transition to grass fed beef and other food rather than hobby animal food. They have also cultivated a 1/4 acre garden plot that is getting improved with manure from the dairy cow and a couple of beef animals.

The purpose of the farm is to be able to make a living, while living in the country and having amazing food that is not available to most people at any price. They have delicious dairy that is illegal in Canada, beef that is not available to others because it is not economical to produce. They will have eggs, meat chickens and possibly pork of the same quality soon.

beautiful fields


We can offer various options such as garden space for someone to grow produce or have our own garden for food and make a living on the hay. Our need is for someone to help with the hay as we are 58 and 66 years old. This is intense work for 3 weeks of the year and would leave lots of time for other work such as gardening. We plan on building a green house for personal use and could look at a larger one for the right people to produce market food.

As we have allergies any partners would have to be cat free and we do not allow smoking on the farm. There is no accommodation on farm but we do have a full service RV site.
I have serous MCS (chemical allergies) and we would be open to someone else with these challenges. We work towards a Carbon Free farm. Our goal it to balance money, health, lifestyle and climate.  We are open to Ideas and challenges.

garden and equipment


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