LAND OPPORTUNITY: 15 Acres for lease, Spruce Grove, Alberta

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This beautiful 15 acre property is located just outside of Spruce Grove, AB (15 minute drive from Edmonton). The land owner is looking to lease the land to one or more farmers who are interested in veggies, small animals, and/or perennial crops. Lease terms are currently open for discussion.

The land mostly consists of pasture with some trees along the property perimeter and rented for horse grazing but has good potential for growing vegetables and perennial crops. Approximately half of the property is flat with areas that are prone to spring flooding, while the other half has low, gently-rolling hills. There is a small creek running along the north end of the property (owner has water rights).

Barbed-wire fence exists along the perimeter and through the middle of the property. There is no irrigation system in place but the creek and well would be suited for watering both plants and animals.

The current house is in need of serious renovation so is not suitable for living in. The owner expects that the farmer(s) would bring their own mobile accommodations or commute to the property. Water, electricity and sewer connection are all available on site.

The huge draw of this property is it’s location! It’s right off Hwy 16 – within biking distance of Spruce Grove and a short drive from Edmonton.


The owner is looking for motivated and hard-working farmer(s) to manage the land. Lease conditions are currently open to discussion in order to best suit the farmer(s). Small construction projects to make the land suitable for the farmer’s operation are welcome. Please submit inquiries through the property’s UMAP listing.











Aerial photo - Annotated- Patricia Waiseman


5 thoughts on “LAND OPPORTUNITY: 15 Acres for lease, Spruce Grove, Alberta

  1. Anyone know of land with a dairy barn on it for lease to a group of people. It should be located North of Calgary and South of Crossfield or near it. For more information or questions please phone 403-210-4854. We must be able to eventually be able to purchase it.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Our YA AB team can keep our ears open for an opportunity like this. We are having an event on June 29 in that area that might be good to come to as their might be someone in that network who knows.

      You could also put a posting up on the YA U-Map that you are looking for land. It will work through some good questions for your group to be thinking about regarding the specifics of what you are looking for. It sounds like you’ve done some work scoping that out but this might add to the conversation.

      Dana, Prairies Program Manager

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