Posted by Darcy Smith on April 04, 2018


The property consists of just over 1 acre of non-ALR land on a 5 acre property in the Hazelmere area of South Surrey. The land is currently a wildlife conservation and research centre for birds. It was used for vegetable crops from 2011-2012 but hasnt been farmed since. There are laying hens and goats on site as well as pheasants, cranes, waterfowl, etc. Goats are currently being used to keep blackberries and small shrubs under control. There is a 12 foot perimeter fence on the property. The farm has recently received Environmental Farm Plan certification.

The property features 6-12” of loam/topsoil and small gravel/stones due to being located on a glacial deposit site. There is a slight northward slope to the property, and good drainage.

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The current land steward would like to develop a long term agreement with an interested farmer willing to establish a local/sustainable organic farm on the property. Vegetable or mixed crops would be ideal, including perennials. There is currently 1 acre available for production, and some clearing of shrubs/blackberries could allow for extra farmable land. The land has been fallow for six years, so it is currently overgrown with untamed wild grass, and would need to be tilled or covered with black plastic for several weeks. Tractor available to rototill if needed (needs to be serviced).

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There is a Kabota tractor onsite, as well as various tools that could be available to the farmer. There is some space available for farming equipment and storage needs, as well as space to establish an outdoor washstand and cold storage. There is currently an indoor area that could be used for washing produce. Water is sourced from a well and pond, and is generally sufficient year-round, though seasonal droughts may impact water supply at times.

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This property is participating in the Young Agrarians Land Matching Program. For more info about this property, please email, specifying that you are interested in “LAND OPPORTUNITY – 1+ ACRE AT CONSERVATION SITE, SOUTH SURREY”.

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