Land Opportunity: 1.75 acres Available for Market Gardening – Vernon, B.C

Posted by Tessa Thompson on December 12, 2018


The Curlew Orchard land is 20 acres with a 6 acre high density apple orchard and newly fenced 1 acre permaculture mixed fruit orchard with companion plantings.  Sean and Patrick are entering their third year of transitioning the orchard to organic status.  Curlew Orchard is a community supported agriculture (CSA) based farm and also sell at the local Farmer’s Market. 

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The land share available for market garden is 1.75 acres.  The lovely flat field that is available was formerly an orchard and in recent past used for hay crops. It has been composted with chicken manure and green manure and cover cropped annually.  The soil is a sandy loam with good drainage and is irrigated.  There is also another 7 acres available, which isn’t currently being used, though there are plans to plant this to orchard in the next 5 years.  Sean and Patrick, some of the loveliest folks in town, are open to partnership in marketing and collaboration.  There is the potential for the leasing farmer to put an r.v or tiny home on the land. The ideal candidate has a strong farm business plan, is interested in Organic Certification and has a long term vision for the land use.

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