LAND OPPORTUNITY: Land Cooperative Shares in Johnsons Landing

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The hamlet of Johnson’s Landing is nestled in the west-facing mountain side at the northern end of Kootenay Lake, one hour from Kaslo or two hours from Nelson, on the East side. The Purcell Wilderness Conservancy backs the property and the Fry Creek Trail is near.

Land owners' garden beside the Center
Land owners’ garden beside the Center

The Johnson’s Landing Retreat Centre (JLRC) is an educational and resource facility for the development of Body, Mind and Spirit and had been offering retreats for over 21 years. The owners are starting the process of retiring and need focalizers to run the Retreat Center for the summer of 2020 and beyond.

Garden space at Center
Land owners’ garden

The Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center consists of 17 acres of land that is inside the ALR. It has 15 acres which houses the summer caravans and is outside the ALR. Another 4 acres with a large no-till garden across the road from the Center is inside the ALR, which has a large garden where the current owners have their home, two greenhouses and a mechanical and woodworking shop.

The garden feeds guests and residents. The land currently produces strawberries and squash, as well saskatoons, blueberries, currants and grapes. Each season they freeze, can and dry food for the following season.

Accomodation at the Center
Accomodation at the Center

The retreat center, soon-to-be eco-village community, overlooks Kootenay Lake. The steep, rocky and mountainous terrain is heavily treed outside the main areas of the center and garden. The total land area available, though largely covered in trees, is 17 acres so expansion of the 4 acre garden is possible. The land owners have approximately one acre of fenced land. There is also a fenced garden at the Retreat Center with lots of raspberries. The main area around the Center is partially cleared of trees for their activities.


The land owners have been offering retreats on the property for more than two decades and producing food on a small portion. The current owners focus is to leave a legacy so that like-minded people have a place to regenerate and enjoy organic vegetarian food. Their vision is to create an eco-village/community that links the three pieces of property. Five people are needed to replace the current owners/operators. Optimally they would be a gardener or two, a vegetarian cook, a mechanic that understands the technical side of living on the land and can repair most things, a carpenter and an overall manager who can bring traffic to the website and has fund raising experience or wants to learn this skill. Ideally these candidates would be between the ages 26-40 years, people used to living in a remote area as there are no stores, restaurants or schools nearby.

Retreat group at Center
Retreat group at Center

They would be mostly vegetarians, have a practice in mindfulness with good communication skills, as living in community requires it. They need to be healthy, physically fit and self-motivated. Previous experience of living in community or a large family is an asset. They need to be committed to a two year experience and sign an agreements, likely a Memorandum of Understanding.

After the season is complete, the land owners will share details about income and expenses and seek member input as to how to improve operations and advance forward with cooperation. Our Retreat season is June to August but usually they work May through October to maintain the Center.

JLRC Lodge entrance
JLRC Lodge entrance

There are rooms in the retreat centre available in the off-season for residents and opportunity to build residences on the cooperative land. The cooperative will ideally have 5 – 6 full and part-time members and residents. The land owners wish to have fully transitioned the land in 2 years to the cooperative members.

The land owners are offering an exchange of 20 hours per week for 50 weeks (1000 hours) over two summer seasons for one-acre shares of undivided non-ALR Coop land. Another 25 hours of work would be required to cover costs of onsite accommodations, meals, wifi, laundry, phone, etc. This means a total of 45 hours per week for 6 months of the year over two growing seasons, or as arranged depending on individual agreements.

Looking for skilled land seekers!
Looking for skilled land seekers!

The land owners are willing to trade sweat equity with those who have similar values and are willing to commit for two seasons, in exchange for shares in the land cooperative, valued to be very accessible for young farmers. Most importantly they are looking for enthusiasm, fresh new ideas and, ideally, an angel investor who wants to supports their work so it can continue into the future. If you have skills to share, they would like to hear from you. There are caravans to stay in during the summer and in the lodge during the winter, until more housing is built. There needs to be a trial period to see if your personalities fit, as with most collectives.

View above the JLRC
View of the land owners’ property beside the JLRC


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  1. I am interested. My daughter worked there for one summer and I have a well established seed business as well as a retirement income

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