NFU-O Land Access Guide for Young Farmers in Ontario

Posted by Moss Dance on August 02, 2018

NFU-O Land Access Guide

The NFU-O (National Farmers Union of Ontario) has published the Young Agrarians Ontario Land Access Guide, thanks to funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario. The guide is an adaptation of the immensely popular Young Agrarians BC Land Access Guide.

NFU-O Land Access Guide

“Farmland in Ontario is amongst the most expensive in Canada with a provincial average of over $10,000 per acre. In Southwestern Ontario, farmland values are now averaging over $16,000 per acre,” noted Ayla Fenton, NFU-O Board member. “New farmers have to be more creative in finding land to grow their business. This guide highlights creative options for new farmers regarding business models and land access.”

The Guide provides a comprehensive overview of land access options in Ontario with an emphasis on non-ownership options, given that land ownership is inaccessible to many aspiring farmers. It also includes legal templates for lease and license agreements, advantages and disadvantages of various business models, and general advice for the aspiring farmer.

Click here to download the Ontario Land Access Guide: Ontario Land Access Guide 1.0

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Legal review of the Ontario Land Access Guide and the legal templates was completed by lawyers Burgandy Dunn and Rizwan Khan (Viridius Lex LLP).