Kelowna, BC January 25, 2015: Crop Planning to Successfully Grow $150,000 / 1.5 Acres! Workshop for Organic Vegetable Growers with Frederic Theriault

Posted by Sara Dent on December 29, 2014

Come and learn how to attain profitability through crop planning with Frédéric Thériault, Quebec Farmer and co-author of the Canadian Organic Growers book Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers! A great follow-up workshop from our Spring 2014 tour with Jean-Martin Fortier on Six-Figure Farming for Small Plots.

Doors Open: 9:30am
Workshop Starts: 10am-6pm
Cost: $75, Tickets:
Lunch: 1-2pm Bring a dish to share and tools to eat with!
Location: UBC-Okanagan Campus Library Building Room L305 – 3333 University Way, Kelowna, BC
In partnership with UBC Okanagan’s Centre for Social, Spatial, and Economic Justice.
All proceeds from ticket sales support Young Agrarians 2015 programs!

This workshop provides a structure for determining how to operate a profitable, diversified vegetable farm. It hones in on the core issues of farm success: which crops to grow, when to plant them, and in what quantities. Then it provides a logical, linear process for completing it all on time.

* Decide how much money you need to make;
* Calculate your financial goals;
* Determine your ideal markets;
* Create field planting schedules to ensure you meet market demand;
* Generate a field operations calendar;
* Analyze profitability and refine your plans for the growing season.

The workshop material is based on the book Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers. Participants will be supplied with all the charts and necessary information to apply skills learned during workshop on their farm. The workshop will include several hands-on exercises for attendees to familiarize themselves with the calculations and techniques.

About the facilitator, Frédéric Thériault


Frédéric Thériault is one of five members of Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm, in Les Cèdres, Quebec. Founded in 2005, the farm sustains three families with its production of organic vegetables, flowers, and certified organic seeds on seven hectares of land. Frédéric holds a BSc and a MSc in Plant Sciences and Agriculture. He has taught Ecological Agriculture and Principles of Plant Science at the University of McGill and Alfred College.


Young Agrarians is a partnership with FarmFolk CityFolk Society. Our vision is to grow the next generation of farmers and food lovers in British Columbia!

Event Poster for Download: ya-workshop-rockstar3aprint2

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