June 23: Sundre, AB – Farming with Biodiversity Workshop

Posted by Dana Penrice on May 18, 2018

Alberta’s farms and ranches are home to so much more than livestock and crops. There’s dung beetles, deer, crocuses, spruce trees and countless wildlife species living on agricultural land. In fact, the more diverse a farm or ranch is in plants and animals the more agricultural producers benefit. It is a win-win for producers and ecosystems.

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions, Little Loaves Farm and Organic Alberta are hosting a pay-what-you-can ($10 or less) workshop on how producers can protect, boost and benefit from biodiversity on their land. Limited spots are available. Register now:

Date: Saturday June 23rd
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Little Loaves Farm in Sundre
Registration: www.stettlerlearning.com/rr2cs/

Learn from biodiversity experts (to be announced soon) how the interactions between wildlife and agriculture assist productivity, pest management and building resilience against floods and droughts. Jerremie Clyde, owner of Little Loaves Farm, will explain how he is diversifying both the domesticated and wild species on the farm with a mix of crops, livestock and perennials and utilizing long term rotations, companion planting and green mulch.

If you are interested in developing the skills and tools necessary to help wildlife thrive on your land without sacrificing financial gains or productivity this workshop is for you.

And to end a perfect day, we will have a BBQ right on the farm for producers, friends and family to mix and mingle. We hope you can be there.

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions (#RRtoCS) is a program of the Stettler Adult Learning Centre. We empower agricultural producers in Central Alberta with climate solutions that benefit farms and ranches. Our partners include Organic Alberta, Young Agrarians and many farmers across the province!

Event facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/629403677400658/