July 20, 2019: Edmonton, AB – Picture a Farmer Film Screening

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We are excited to tell you about the first screening for the short documentary: Picture A Farmer – celebrating Alberta women in Agriculture.


Check it out on Saturday, July 20th at 3:00pm at the Garneau Theatre, 8712 109th St. Edmonton, AB. Free tickets can be ordered at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/picture-a-farmer-screening-tickets-64678775960

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Picture a farmer – a Documentary

Picture a Farmer is a documentary that challenges the conventional perceptions of women’s roles on the farm.

Women have always been a critical part of farm life, yet they are often not seen as farmers. Women on farms raise children, cook meals, maybe tend to a garden. But they also do so much more: From driving the tractors and combines to tending the animals, fixing equipment, and toiling in the office noting yields and prices and ensuring the business runs efficiently.

They are farmers.

Picture a Farmer follows three farmers in Alberta who are taking ownership of the title farmer; shedding light on women in agriculture and fostering representation for future generations.

Susan Holme Manyluk

Sue has been farming in Central Alberta for over 40 years. Over that time she has seen the industry change and grow significantly. Sue’s passion has always been the livestock side of the industry and She sees no reason why women shouldn’t be farmers in their own right. And if they’re lucky, they will be happy farming for years to come.

Lynn Dargis

Lynn took over her family farm in northern Alberta after the sudden passing of her parents. Over the past 11 years Lynn has found her confidence in the agriculture industry, running a successful grain farm and custom feedlot and raising her own young family.

Kristin Graves

Kristin never thought she would be a farmer… until 3 years ago when she quit her full-time city job to start her own Community Supported Agriculture farm – Fifth Gen Gardens – and help her dad on their family’s grain and trout farm. Kristin has learned a lot about the challenges and rewards of being a farmer and is excited to have found her passion.

Head to the website for more details: www.pictureafarmer.com

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    I am wondering where I would be able to watch this documentary as I didnt know it was showing at the Garneau. I am very interested in seeing it if at all possible.

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