FARM JOB: NANOOSE BAY – Rusted Rake Farm

Posted by Moss Dance on November 08, 2017

Rusted Rake Farm

Rusted Rake Farm is seeking a small team of positive, energetic, committed workers who are able-bodied and preferably experienced.

About Rusted Rake Farm

The farm is located on Vancouver Island, the land has a salmon bering stream, a pond and is surrounded by old maple trees and lots of wildlife. We have 18 acres of land, with a greenhouse and raised bed garden area. We grow a wide range of crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, greens and root vegetables. There is a field of wheat and hay, growing rye next season as well as a field of blueberries and raspberries. To manage weeds in our fields we till in the soil, we don’t use pesticides or herbicides. The produce from the farm is used in the Eatery located on the property and whatever we have an abundance of we sell out of the eatery.

Our farm is not certified organic but we follow organic practices and limit the use of synthetic fertilizers. We have chickens and a couple goats which we utilize the manure they produce, our goal is to have limited inputs and work towards a sustainable closed-loop system.

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Rusted Rake Farm

Job Description & Tasks

We are seeking a small team of positive, energetic, committed workers who are able bodied and preferably experienced. As a young farm we are constantly learning and problem solving and want folks who can share, teach and learn along with us!

  • Create a crop plan for Spring 2018
  • Seeding, transplanting and plant health monitoring
  • Pest monitoring
  • General maintenance of farm, watering, weeding, caring for hens
  • Harvesting, packaging, pricing produce

Rusted Rake Farm

Job Details

Contract duration: Early Spring 2018 until fall of 2018

Hours: Full time, 40 hours a week, Monday-Friday.

Wage: $11.35 to $15 depending on experience

Perks: As perk workers will get a free drink and baked good every day they work at the farm.

To Apply

Submit your resume and cover letter by email or in person at Rusted Rake Eatery, 3106, Northwest Bay road, Nanoose bay, Vancouver Island.

Email applications to:

Rusted Rake Farm