Job Posting: Fresh City – Toronto

Posted by Sara Dent on December 04, 2013

Fresh City seeking Farm Manager

Fresh City is a city farm based in 6 acres of land in Toronto.  Our pioneering for-profit model brings food makers and eaters closer together than they have been in several generations.  Fresh City promotes local food in two main ways: (1) creating a market for and providing access to local food through our bag delivery program serving almost 1,200 Toronto homes, (2) training new farmers and educating and engaging the general public on local food through regular on-farm and off-farm events, volunteer opportunities, farm tours and workshops to the general public.

We help train new farmers by providing access to high capital cost equipment, volume discounted supplies, support of experienced urban farmers and a guaranteed market for produce through a centralized brand and marketing effort.  Our model seeks to combine the lessons learned from existing for-profit and non-profit urban farming initiatives, and small scale rural and peri-urban farms.

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The Position: 

We’re looking for a Farm Manager, a dynamic, knowledgeable, and confident individual who can perform as both farm and production manager. The Farm Manager will be responsible for all aspects of planting, tending and harvesting our organic farm and greenhouse.  Our Farm Manager will work with our farm director, assistant farm managers, member farmers, and interns throughout the growing season and will need to be able to cooperate with many different types of people and personalities. The farm manager will also need to be flexible in their farm methodologies, and be open to new ways of farming, organically in this urban setting utilizing human labour over mechanical equipment. With the possibility of having up to 20 people on site at a time, this individual must exhibit a calm collected demeanor, and must have the patience and  excellent communication skills.

Farmer harvesting kale


Pre-Season, Part-time (January-March):

  • working with the Farm Director, to finalize and strategize the implementation of the crop plan
  • attending Fresh City Farms monthly meetings with staff and member farmers.
  • creating a communications plan with the Farm Director, and General Manager to be used throughout the 2014 growing season.

Growing Season, Full-time (April to November):

  • Managing two plots (approx. 600 meters apart) at Downsview Park, totaling a maximum of 4 acres
  • Planning, developing, and directing functions such as planning and implementation of planting; weeding; harvesting/post-harvesting; irrigating; soil fertility and amendments
  • Determining soil use and rotation of crops
  • Daily supervision and direction of staff, member farmers, and interns
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining the quality standards for the farm
  • Coordinating and making recommendations for improvements, land preparation, fertilizing, planting crops, cultivation, harvesting, processing and marketing
  • Ordering equipment and materials
  • Identifying staff development and training needs and ensuring that training is obtained
  • Ensuring proper labor relations and conditions of employment are maintained
  • Maintaining records, preparing reports, and composing correspondence related to work
  • Performing related work as required

This role will not require the Farm Manager to manage any aspect of marketing or distributing the produce.  After the farm team completes post-harvest processing, our bag operations team takes care of all aspects of selling and distributing the produce.  Moreover, this role will be supported by several key players.  First, the Farm Director who will provide general advice relating to farming these specific plots as well as coordinate labour from the member farmer program.  There will also be someone coordinating the recruitment and orientation of volunteers (the Farm Manager would then be responsible for supervising and motivating them on site).

Qualifications and Skills: 


  • Strong work ethic
  • Leadership Skills
  • Good planning and record keeping skills
  • Able to work independently and as a part of a large team
  • Willing to work in difficult weather


  • Three or more seasons experience in organic market gardening growing a variety of vegetables
  • Experience leading and motivating staff and volunteers
  • Urban farming and CSA experience is an asset
  • Must provide a Class ‘G’ drivers license

Schedule and Compensation

The Farm Manager will start working on a part-time basis in January, with an increased time commitment during the farm season.   The Farm Manager would be paid a monthly salary in addition to performance-based end-of-season bonus.


Applications will be accepted until we find an appropriate candidate.  Please send a cover letter and resume

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