JOB: Plenty Wild Farms, Pemberton, BC

Posted by Alyssa Belter on March 20, 2015 2 Comments

Plenty Wild Farms is a small-scale, mixed-operation farm located in the beautiful Pemberton Valley, close to the Village of Pemberton (less than 5 minutes by car, 10 minutes by bike).

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Our primary focus is growing a wide variety of Certified Organic vegetables that we sell through Farmers’ Markets, and a CSA Harvest Box program. We also produce pastured heritage pork that we sell through a Pork Share program.

The farm is 10 acres in total, with approximately 3 acres in veggie production. We use a BCS walk-behind tractor for field cultivation while work such as seeding, transplanting, weeding and harvesting is done by hand or using simple hand tools.

Plenty Wild Pigs

We are looking for someone to help us with farm work two days a week in exchange for fresh, organic veggies and a furnished room in our 1930s character farmhouse.

Work may include:

  • bed preparation
  • apply amendments (such as compost & lime)
  • transplanting
  • weeding (by hand or with hand tools)
  • trellising and pruning
  • harvesting
  • cleaning, sorting and packing veggies for markets or CSA boxes

The work can be physically demanding (especially on the back and knees), sometimes repetitive and is performed in all sorts of weather (from sweltering heat to pouring rain).

Experience is not required. We are looking for someone with the willingness and ability to learn, work quickly, efficiently and, sometimes, independently. Since we will also be living together, we require someone who is a respectful roommate with good communication skills.

Plenty Wild Harvesting

This opportunity is available from May until October. We are flexible with start and end dates, as well as vacation time.

We ask for 16 hours of work/week – two (eight-hour) days a week. We need someone who can work alone on Mondays (after having been trained) and with us on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.  This second workday is flexible and can vary from week to week. Hours can also vary from week to week, depending on the season. Generally, workdays start early, from 6am to 7am, and end between 3pm to 4pm. We usually take an hour for lunch.

Plenty Wild Eggplant

This could be an excellent opportunity for a student (whether on summer break, or currently working on their Masters or PhD). No need to worry about rent for a few months while taking a break from mental work with some outdoor physical activity!

This opportunity may also appeal to those interested in farming (whether experienced or not). See if the farming lifestyle suits you without a full-time commitment. Or find work elsewhere in the Valley – there are a number of possibilities either on other farms or in town.

Pemberton is a gorgeous place with an awesome farming community. It’s also a great location for launching outdoor adventures. There are countless hiking, camping, mountain biking, swimming, even fishing options in the area.

Plenty Wild House

If you’re interested please contact us at:

Let us know why you’re interested, when you’d be available, and if you have any relevant experience. We look forward to hearing from you!

-Alyssa Belter & David Tanner

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  1. Wondering if you are need of any workers at your farm? I live in Pemberton and take care of Frankie Jims land, but I’m looking for more of. Community and more of a sustainable, eco environment.

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