FARM JOB: Farm Technician, Persephone Brewing Company, Gibsons, BC

Posted by Moss Dance on April 15, 2016

Farm job persephone brewing company

Care about agriculture, empowering the community, good beer and a solid work life balance including things like biking, hiking, ocean sports, and well… good beer?! If so, then read on.

Persephone Brewing Co is hiring a farm technician to run our increasingly diverse 11-acre farm. We are located in Gibsons BC on the Sunshine Coast (a short ferry ride from Vancouver.) Primarily a beer (read: hop) farm, we are constantly diversifying as we seek ways to make the farm more independent and able to support more jobs in the community for the partners we work with such as the Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living (SCACL). You would be responsible for keeping all farm tasks occurring on schedule while collaborating closely with the General Manager and CEO.

Farm job persephone brewing company

What does the average week hold? Ignoring the obvious fact that there is no average week on a farm, the projects you will be engaged with involve all the management of a hop farm from spring pruning and twining right through to harvest, managing the composting of our brewery waste and its application, producing vegetables and making marketing decisions, tending to our newly established apple orchard, keeping the chickens all in one place and producing eggs, managing work parties including those for our SCACL clients, ordering seeds and various inputs for farm projects, maintaining the irrigation system, creating budgets and timelines to communicate what’s happening on the farm. Oh and there is a fair bit of tractor/machine work including basic maintenance, ditching, tilling, turning compost, etc. The more mechanically inclined you are the better.

Farm job persephone brewing company

Will you be alone for all this? In short no but kind of yes; for big projects there are always work parties to be organized and people to help though this is essentially a self directed job and you need to be comfortable making and adhering to work plans by yourself as you will spend the majority of your time working independently when there aren’t big group tasks (like harvesting or planting etc.).

Aside from the work aspect of things, Persephone is located a short 5 minute ride from Sprockids Park and Mt. Elphinstone Park for some great mountain biking and hiking respectively, two hours from the Tetrahedrons for great hut camping or ski touring (in the winter) and of course close to the ocean for pretty much anything you like to do in the ocean. We’re also a 5 minute drive/10 minute bike from the ferry if you do need to zip into Vancouver for any reason (public transit makes it easy), though once you’ve been out here for a bit you’ll find that doesn’t happen often. Also you don’t have to pay Vancouver rent.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, please apply with your cover letter and resume to

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