FARM JOB: MULTIPLE LOCATIONS – Amir Project Farmer & Farm Manager

Posted by Moss Dance on October 31, 2017


Amir is hiring for two positions: Farmer and Farm Manager. The Farmer will either be running their own smaller operation, typically a garden, by themselves or with a co-Farmer. Our Farm Managers run our larger farm spaces and may manage a team of two to three Farmers.

About Amir

Amir works across America and Canada to bring agricultural education to summer camps. We host a five to ten day seminar at a camp teaching you how to start your garden from the first grain of soil to harvest. You are given the rare opportunity to walk away saying you started a summer garden or farm from start to finish and take the skills and camp memories into a future career around environmental education, production, and entrepreneurship. 

Our goal is to provide the knowledge, resources and teachers to help you start your career around agricultural work. We work with 25+ camps to understand their needs and wants for their garden and farm. Each space is simultaneously similar and different from each other – it truly is up to the camp. Most of our camps use organic practices and encourage the decisions of how the garden and farm should be run is up to the discretion of the farmer. As an organization, Amir is dedicated to ensuring you walk away understanding how to run your own agricultural space.


Desired Qualities

Simple: passionate, driven, and fun! We look for applicants ready to jump into a camp setting and be willing to try, try and try again at learning how to farm. Our applicants are primarily rising high school seniors, undergraduate students, and recent college graduates.

About the Position

The work is divided into two categories: (1) the farming, and (2) the education. Farming-wise, you will be doing everything from apple to zebra. Trellising, tilling, soil-testing, and harvesting. Education-wise, you will be running programming at the farm or garden with the campers and staff. (No fear: we go over this at orientation!)

The orientation will typically be in the last week of May. Camps are typically eight weeks long and you may start directly after orientation or in mid-June. All camps are over around mid-August before school would start.

You’ll be staying at a camp for the summer! The hours you work will vary each day. Some days you may have your routine farm chores, taking anywhere from one to three hours, and some you will be given anywhere from one to four groups you may lead. You should expect to work approximately eight hours per day between your activities and farm work, while remembering you will be fully in the camp environment.

For both the Farmer and Farm Manager position, you will be provided transportation, lodging and food for the summer. The Farmer positions salary is consummate with experience and the camp. The Farm Manager positions are paid between $2,500 to $3,500 per summer, dependent upon experience.


To Apply

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