FARM INTERNSHIP: Hope Farm Organics, Prince George, BC

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Internship Hope Farm Organics

Hope Farm Organics is a small certified organic farm dedicated to growing nutritious food for the community of Prince George BC, which is about 45 minutes west from the farm. Interns and workers can either stay on farm in a cabin or commute. We pride ourselves on furthering the education of the public on the need and benefits for organic agriculture and showing those who are interested how to make a go at it. We save the majority of our own seed and also participate in plant breeding trials to create new varieties in our unique climate. Our climate (SBSVK) is the coldest and wettest of the Prince George Forest district. This poses many challenges for growing vegetables which is why we are passionate about seed saving and plant breeding. In a world fuelled with environmental issues and food insecurity, it is our passion to produce food with as low of a carbon foot print as possible and educate those who are willing on how to do the same.

Internship Hope Farm Organics

About Hope Farm Organics Internship

We hope to facilitate by not only showing those interested in how to grow large volumes but also mentoring them on their own plot on our land and buying all they produce form them and selling it through our markets. We feel as if education by doing is as valuable if not more than watching. We hope to create a local coop type of model and increase the food production in the region which is severely lacking.

Responsibilities of the intern and worker are the following but not limited to:

  • Planting seed flats
  • Planting seed in field
  • Transplanting
  • Weeding
  • Harvesting
  • Wild foraging
  • Irrigating
  • Tool sharpening
  • Help with haying (tractor experience a plus)
  • Light construction/fence repair
  • Packing boxes for CSA customers
  • Moving livestock into rotational grazing paddocks.
  • Ensure harvest quality

Internship Hope Farm Organics
Required Qualifications

  • Minimum 1 year growing experience in small-scale agricultural production (Enthusiasm and past outdoor work experience may supplement)
  • Excellent attention to detail and experienced in farm record keeping and spreadsheets.
  • Physically fit and happy to work outdoors in all conditions
  • Must have valid class 5 driver’s license and comfortable driving
  • Able to work alone
  • Likes to laugh and have a good time!

Internship Hope Farm Organics

Position Details

  • Full Time May 15-October 10th
  • Seasonal: September-October 10th

Internship is limited to 8 hours per day with accommodations made including food, housing, internet, washing facilities trips to town twice a week. Weekly learning sessions are directed by interest from the intern and can be on anything from (but not limited to) soil science, greenhouse management, ethnobotany, entomology, marketing, organic certification requirements and food preservation. Interns are encouraged to grow own plots under supervision and earn money on crops sold through Hope Farm Organics.

Workers for Pea Season are needed from July 20th-September 15 depending on season with up to 35 hours per week for Sugar Snap Pea harvest. Piece rate twice the regulated rate of BC.$0.60/lb with possibilities of earning up to $1/lb based on quality of harvest and efficiency. Accommodations provided without food allowance.

Workers for potato harvest season are needed from September – October 10th for a total of 300 hours. Wage rate based on experience. $11-$13/hr

How to Apply

E-mail a short cover letter (500 words) and resume (in one document) to with your name and the name of the job position in the subject.

Applications must be received no later than March 1st 2017. Review of applications and interviews will begin immediately upon reception. We regret that due to the high volume of applicants only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Internship Hope Farm Organics

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  1. Hey there,

    We grow non-sprayed, no pests, more-ganic cherries. We’re planning a trip in your direction during our July harvest. We’re curious if your interested in getting any of our fruits for your buying co-op.
    We sort and pack our fruits direct in the orchard into 20lb flats, and deliver them for $5/lb. at a minimum 15 cases to you with no delivery charge.


    Evil Cherry Co.

    1. Hi Dorian, Please reach out to the organization directly via the contact information posted in the blog. Thank you for your interest!

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