Holistic Management Course: Ferintosh, AB

Posted by Dana Penrice on February 29, 2016

Holistic Management Course

Note to readers: This event will be running again in early 2017. If you are interested contact Takota Coen at takota_coen@live.com or (780) 781-5929.

Deep Roots Design is hosting a six-day Holistic Management course taught by HMI Certified Educators Brian Luce and Kelly Sidoryk that will provide participants with the tools and knowledge to make decisions towards a known direction. Participants will learn how to apply the principles of Holistic Management to their operation through creating a Holistic Goal, a profs-based fnancial plan and a biological/grazing plan.

Hands on learning will be supported through a combination of large group, small group and independent activities. At the end of the course participants will have the opportunity of creating a management club to continue learning and applying the principles together as a community.

Healthier land, more proft, and the time to enjoy it.

Investment: (Contact the organizer if the deadline has passed)

  • $1500 per unit of two (add $250 per extra person) deposit of $250 due by March 7th
  • $850 for single registrant deposit of $150 due by March 7th

Module 1 March 19-20, 2016 Ferintosh Hall , 105 Macquarrie Ave, Ferintosh, AB

  • Introduction to Holistic Management
  • Paradigm Shifts
  • Making improved decisions through analytical Testing Questions
  • Develop Holistic goal for higher quality of life, more proft and healthier land
  • Discover the secrets of efective communication

Module 2 April 2-3, 2016 Ferintosh Hall , 105 Macquarrie Ave, Ferintosh, AB

  • Review Principles and analytical testing questions
  • Learn about using tools and their effects
  • Grazing principles
  • Develop a grazing/biological plan

Module 3 April 9-10, 2016 Ferintosh Hall , 105 Macquarrie Ave, Ferintosh, AB

  • Review principles of holistic fnancial planning
  • Definition of Wealth
  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Plan a Proft
  • Brainstorming Exercises
  • Develop your operation’s annual fnancial plan
  • Set up management club
  • Wrap up – highlights and next steps and evaluations

Download the full agenda with more details.

For questions or to register, contact Takota Coen at takota_coen@live.com or (780) 781-5929

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