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Posted by Alex on August 20, 2021

Calling all awesome farmers — yup, that’s you! Young Agrarians is making a series of short videos about new farmers and we need your help. We’re crowd sourcing the video footage for these videos and we want as many new farmers as possible to talk about farming and the future of food systems.

These videos will be used to promote farming as a career, explain the benefits and challenges of ecological agriculture to policy makers and funders, and celebrate our amazing farmer network!

To participate, just record a video of yourself on the farm answering any or all of these questions in one word or one sentence:

  1. Why do you farm? (“I farm because…”)
  2. How do you farm? (“On this farm I/we…” – what kind of ecological farming do you do, e.g. “I practice biodynamics because it heals the land” )
  3. What is your vision for the future of food? (“I envision a future where…” – e.g. “I envision a future where everyone has access to nutrient dense food”)
  4. What does Young Agrarians mean to you? (“To me, Young Agrarians means…” – e.g. “Young Agrarians means connection to community and the land”)
  5. What is the #1 barrier for new farmers? (“The #1 barrier for new farmers is…”  – e.g. land, capital, mentorship, skills training, financial literacy, etc.)
  6. What do you need to make your farm more viable? (“To be more viable, I/my farm needs…” – e.g. land, capital, financial management skills, grants, loans)
  7. What is your biggest concern for the future? (“My biggest concern for the future is…” – e.g. climate change, processing, distribution, etc.)

Don’t worry about answering all the questions in one take – you can make a new video clip for each question.

It doesn’t have to be fancy (definitely not as fancy as the photo above!), just prop up your phone on a fence post and hit record. For consistent quality, do your best to follow these guidelines:

  • Good lighting (film in a shady area or on a cloudy day, avoid backlighting)
  • Keep your camera in landscape orientation (horizontal phone)
  • Keep your camera stable by using a tripod, propping your camera up against something, or having a friend record you
  • Avoid filming in a windy spot
  • Clean your camera lens

If you get really into it, we would love some cool B-roll videos of your farm! Feel free to send over video of animals, people working, grass blowing in the wind, and anything else that inspires you!

Young Agrarians has recently created a document to advocate for improved agriculture policy. Check out our recommendations here and feel free to incorporate them into your answers!

Once you have recorded yourself, send the video(s) to using the program WeTransfer.  If you have any problems, send an email to Deadline is October 1, so send over your video soon – we can’t wait to see what you make!

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