Growing Change Program

Posted by Michalina Hunter on September 14, 2021

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Growers and Co. to provide small-scale regenerative farmers with equipment, knowledge and financial support so they can better feed their communities and provide access to healthy, locally-grown food through the Growing Change Program. 

True change comes from farmer-led, community-based, and boots-on-the-ground innovators. We are here to support the problem-solvers and change-makers working to grow food for their communities.

How the Growing Change Program works

A portion of each purchase from Growers and Co. goes towards the program, which focusses on long term solutions to create positive impacts on farmers, their communities and the planet.

Some of the biggest hurdles when starting a farm or growing your own food is knowing how to do it profitably, having the right tools to work the land, and having access to startup funds. This is why each year the Growing Change Program and coalition of partners give back to 12 farms. Each are chosen by the Selection Partners to receive tools, access to knowledge, consultation, and financial aid.

The selection partners are Young Agrarians, Rodale Institute, and The Market Gardener. Each recipient receives:

  • a grant from Steward, the funding partner
  • a set of 5 Growers and Co. tools
  • unlimited access to The Market Gardener Masterclass
  • a Local Line membership

Growing Change Program

Recipients of the Growing Change Program

Mhonpaj Garden

The first recipients are Mhonpaj Lee and Phanat Vang of Mhonpaj Garden, a certified organic farm in Minnesota. ⁠⁠They were chosen by Rodale Institute in July, 2021.

⁠⁠Tightly knit to their community, family run Mhonpaj Garden have been going through a lot of big changes (and challenges!) on their farm since moving from an incubator farm to their own land earlier this year. They are currently working to install 5 high tunnels and exploring methods on how to work smarter and be more profitable.⁠⁠

They had applied to Rodale Institute’s micro-grant to receive funding in order to attend The Market Gardener Masterclass, however with only a select amount of people being able to be selected, Rodale Institute chose them as the first Growing Change program recipient! ⁠⁠

We will be following Mhonpaj Garden’s progress over the next couple months. Stay tuned for the big changes coming! ⁠⁠

Growing Change Program

Amisk Farm

The second recipient (chosen by us!) is Julian of Amisk Farm!

Still in the start-up phase, with an acre of production area, Julian of Amisk Farm has big plans for his small-scale farm. His mission with his farm is to provide healthy and fresh produce to his local community, where he will also provide learning opportunities for others in the Treaty 8 area.

After studying Food & Environment at UBC, spending 5 seasons working at UBC Farm, and then working for his dear friends at First Nature Farm, Julian has since made his way back to his home reserve. He’s been dedicating all his time to re-clearing an old vegetable crop field on his great-grandparent’s historic homestead along the Moberly River.

Amisk, the namesake of the farm, translates to Beaver in the Cree language which was spoken by his grandparents who also farmed this site to provide for the community.

About the Program partners

Growers and Co.

Growers & Co. believes that small-scale regenerative agriculture is changing the world. They are on a mission to empower and celebrate the work of those who are growing food in a way that connects us to nature and to each other. Their vision is to live in a future where local food systems are thriving and where food is grown with care, by and for people who care. They are humbled to participate and propel this paradigm shift.

Small-scale farming will change the world one farm, one garden, one community, and one individual at a time. Learn more.

Young Agrarians

That’s us! Young Agrarians (YA) is the largest farmer to farmer educational resource network for new and young ecological, organic and regenerative farmers in Western Canada. Learn more. 

The Market Gardener

From soil preparation to strategies on dealing with insect pests, the Market Gardener masterclass allows farmers to discover how to generate maximum sales annually – without the use of a tractor or any heavy machinery. Learn more.

The Rodale Institute

Rodale Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to growing the organic movement through rigorous research, farmer training, and consumer education. Widely recognized as a founder of the modern organic movement, Rodale Institute has been a global leader in regenerative organic agriculture. Learn more.


Steward is working to transform agriculture by equipping human-scale, regenerative farms with the capital they need to grow. By providing flexible loans and business support, Steward partners with producers to scale their operations, improve the health of their lands, and bolster local food systems. Learn more.

Local Line

Local Line is a marketplace platform that takes local food from farm to table. The platform allows farmers, food hubs, and farmers markets to sell online and optimize their order fulfillment. Learn more.