APPLY NOW: Goatherd Skibum in the hills of Rossland, BC

Posted by Laura Hannant on October 03, 2014 3 Comments

Do you want experience running a small herd of dairy goats and raising a large flock of laying hens, ducks, and geese? Do you also love snow and shredding endless acres of steep-tree pow? Is the postcard-perfect town of Rossland, BC, your idea of a great place to spend the winter?

Moon Gravity Farm may be the place for you! We’re looking for an intern to take the reins in December, 2014, until the beginning of April, with amazing Red Mountain only five minutes away.


We’ll trade morning chores before the hill opens plus an evening check-up after the hill closes for free rent in our biggest bedroom with our best sunrise view.

You’ll live with us—ski patrol gardener Caley, eco animal farmer Andrew, and tiny tot Torin. After you’ve learned the ropes, we’ll leave you with our loveable dog Orim, cuddly cat Dorjibolt, and an empty house to enjoy the wonderful life Rossland offers.

If you love the farm and want to take it to the next level, in March we will be looking for someone who wants to invest more time and effort into mastering the complex choreography of animals we dance across spring, summer, and fall pastures. This “next level” position will include intensively managed grazing, pastured poultry, and running a milkshare. You will return a modest income as well.


The successful applicant must be extremely responsible and reliable. Winter chores are easy, but they must be done without fail and with a keen eye for animal welfare.

The ideal candidate will want to join us at the farm as soon as possible—free rent in exchange for chores can start as soon as you arrive.

Most importantly, we want our new partner to have an abiding passion for ecological farming and a strong vision for humanity’s future of health and abundance in harmony with nature.

We are accepting resumes plus a cover letter to introduce yourself.  Please include contact information, references, and relevant experience.  We will contact qualified applicants for interviews.

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3 thoughts on “APPLY NOW: Goatherd Skibum in the hills of Rossland, BC

  1. Hey guys, this sounds great. We’re wondering if you’re interested in couples for this position? If so we’ll be happy to forward you our resume and references.
    Kind regards
    Ryan and Stephanie

  2. I love the mountains and have an affinity for animals. Start now and be able to take over by December? “Challenge accepted.”

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