Central Okanagan: From Field to Fork – Research Event Summary

Posted by Moss Dance on September 26, 2016

Okanagan Food policy - Chefs Michael Buffet, Adam Abernathy, and Melissa Masters

Hosted by the Central Okanagan Food Policy Council (COFPC)

The Purpose of this event was (1) to return research done in the community back to the community and (2) to launch the ‘Food Quilt’, a new movement to connect people and groups in support of food security in the Central Okanagan.

Okanagan Food Policy - gathering

On Thursday April 21, 2016, over 60 guests gathered at the Canadian Mental Health Association and enjoyed 7 presentations that showcased research related to local food security. These presentations were done in the fast-paced style known as pechakucha. Following the presentations, the guests connected with one another, shared stories, and enjoyed organic wine from Summerhill Winery and local cheeses and snacks.

The presenters and topics included:

  • Linda Trepanier – An introduction to the COFPC past and present projects and achievements and exciting new opportunities
  • Karen Vandergaag – Perceptions and Responses to Food Security in the Central Okanagan
  • Ed Grifone– Agriculture Land Preservation and Urban Development in the “New Fringe”: A Case Study of Small Lot Farming in Kelowna, BC.
  • Jill Worboys- Designing a Food Secure Kelowna: Developing and Implementing A Community Food Assessment for Seniors
  • Ailsa Beischer – Wasted Food and Hungry Neighbours: Food Justice, The Foodie Movement, and Gleaning in Kelowna
  • Lindsay Harris – Passionate Interests and Community Decision Making: A Community Garden Story
  • Mary Stockdale –  Calendario: Nature, Culture, and Agriculture and the Seasonal Cycle

To watch these presentations click here for part 1: https://youtu.be/GuvpxLpq43c and here for part 2: https://youtu.be/8O4_QUZEqwI

Okanagan Food policy - local veggies

The COFPC also launched the Food Quilt, a new movement stitching together patches of the food system to improve food justice and sustainability in the Central Okanagan. The goal of the Food Quilt is to facilitate information sharing and to promote action through collaboration and partnership

To Join the Food Quilt movement email: cofpcs@gmail.com and type “Food Quilt” in the subject line.

The Food Quilt in Action

“The Tomato Project” supplies food for “Resourceful Cooking for Wellness” classes  

Okanagan Food Policy - tomato plantsCollaboration between community members, non-profit organizations, business, the farming community, and local chefs has resulted in a wonderful ongoing learning (and eating!) opportunity.

The tomato project team: volunteers Betty Baker, Donna Christison, and Laurie, together with help from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA Kelowna), the Bridge Youth & Family Services, and Pacific Northwest Garden Supply grew a bounty of beautiful tomatoes.

Chefs Michael Buffet, Adam Abernathy, and Melissa Masters used these tomatoes, along with produce harvested from a local farm, to teach cooking c lasses at CMHA Kelowna. Under Chef Michael Buffet’s leadership, three classes have been offered so far focusing on how low-cost ingredients can be transformed into healthy and delicious meals.  Holistic nutritionist Carolina Foks also joined in to offer guidance on eating for wellness.

Okanagan Food Policy - local meals

This project is a good example of the importance of a well-connected community to make a real difference to the food security of our community members. The intention behind the Food Quilt strategy is to do just that: stitch together patches of the food system that already exists in the Central Okanagan so we can nurture new relationships that grow into action.

To Join the Food Quilt movement email: cofpcs@gmail.com and type “Food Quilt” in the subject line.

Okanagan Food policy - preserving

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