Feeding Ourselves Kootenay Crowdfunding Campaign – Check it Out!

Posted by Shauna Teare on November 12, 2014

This Kootenay documentary film project underway needs your support!

Compelled by the deep interest in our local foodshed demonstrated most recently and enthusiastically by our community this spring at the Farm Food Fork events, we embarked on an ambitious film project documenting the food-scape as it is, with the people in our community on the ground:  the farmers, advocates, producers, retailers, politicians, chefs and processors.  These inspiring accounts now need a consolidated voice:  How can we feed ourselves?  What can our foodshed become?

We need support to make this happen.

We have initiated our own grassroots crowdfunding project, designed to make supporting this initiative affordable  for our community (and extended food-loving communities too), while offering both farm funds + food gifts  back to our community + supporters.

How does this grassroots crowdfunding campign  work?

This is a hybrid between a tradition “raffle” and an online crowdfunding campaign which promises incentives. Instead of either of these options, we are seeking your donations, and when you contribute $20 (or more) to our crowdfunding you can feel good knowing your money supports BOTH the production of this film AND our local farmers!

For every  $1000  we receive, we will purchase another CSA / Harvest Bundle / Farm Share from some of our favorite West Kootenay Farms, paid in full to that farm, at full market value ($600- $300). Then in April when we officially  launch the  film (at a Farm Food Fork event) we will gift the delicious local food bundles we purchased (CSA / Harvest Bundle / Farm Shares) to some of the sponsors that helped make this all possible, we will randomly select from a pool of all supporters names, who will receive the gifts. Simple right.

Wanna Support the efforts from out of town?

No problem, if your are fortunate enough to be gifted a farm package we will ensure you get a “thanksgiving bundle” and ship it to you by greyhound… or you could re-gift your gift to one of our hardworking local emergency food providers!

We, the West Kootenay Permaculture Co-op is a registered Not for Profit, and not a charity. We will be using all film funds received to:  Finish editing, cover travel costs, filming, grassroots marketing, admin + distribution efforts.


Have question? Great we would love to talk to you, or if your interested in becoming a sponsor of the film, then drop us a line!